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Welcome to Edison Developers.

This website is dedicated to creating a knowledge base of tutorials and general information on everything related to single-board computers and microcontrollers for hobbyists and engineers.

  • Too many people turn away from hobby electronics when they perceive it as too complicated or are unable to find resources or manuals. This website is dedicated to teaching people how to physically realize their ideas, using microcontrollers and single-board computers. This website will list useful information and tutorials (internal or external) for various development boards.
  • I have seen some great and useful development boards/software without a proper community to get help from, or without beginner friendly tutorials. It is up to the user to seek out that information, however sometimes the information is buried and beginners end up discouraged before even getting started.

This website is in a constant state of construction as I add more content. For questions, inquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact:

Thank you and happy building!

About Me

About Me

From my Resume:

"A highly qualified engineering professional with a background in design, analysis and testing of mechanical and electro-mechanical tools and components. Background in robotics, data science, and oil-field technologies. Personable team player with excellent communication skills. Skilled lecturer and author of several engineering publications."

In my own words:

My name is Nikolai Kummer, I am the main editor of this site, and I have a Master's of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering in vision-based robot control. I use single-board computers and microcontrollers on a regular basis and wanted to create some tutorials that will allow others to learn from and contribute to this knowledge-base.

For questions, inquiries, or collaboration requests please contact me at

Also check out my YouTube channel, which currently has tutorials on Matlab programming and V-Rep (Virtual Robotic Experimental Platform) use.


Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of British Columbia, 2011-2013

  • Thesis Topic: "Translational Visual Servoing Control of Quadrotor Helicopters"

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta, 2005-2010

Work Experience

Downhole Tool Designer 2014-2016

  • Named inventor on two patented designs (currently in preliminary patent stage).
  • Analyzed performance of tools and quantified design conditions from downhole data using data science principles.
  • Designed, analyzed, and destructively tested mud motor transmission components.

TTS Energy Canada Ltd.
Design Engineer, EIT, 2010

  • Designed and created technical drawings for oil-field equipment in Autodesk Inventor.
  • Worked in a multi-disciplined engineering environment to design, create technical drawings and order parts for a Top Drive Test Station
  • Worked with shop floor personnel and suppliers to troubleshoot and resolve problems