Raspberry Pi Model A+ Released

Raspberry Pi Model A+ Released

November 12, 2014
Author: Nikolai K.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently released a new Raspberry Pi variant, the Raspberry Pi Model A+. Rather than packing more punch into the single-board computer, like the Udoo or Beaglebone Black, they focused on adding more GPIO headers (now 40 vs. the previous 26), improving the Micro-SD connector, reducing power consumption, improving audio quality, and making the board smaller by 2 cm (~3/4 inch).

The Model A+ is suggested for embedded applications, which require little power, no Ethernet connectivity (that connecter has been removed), only a single USB port, and can manage with 256 MB RAM. The cost of the system is approximately USD $22 (Element 14).

Take a look at the press release information and retailer links here.