ODROID C1 Quad-core for $35

ODROID C1 Quad-core for $35

January 17, 2015
Author: Nikolai K.

Hardkernel released their Raspberry Pi competitor, the Odroid-C1, which (for $35 USD) gets you a Quadcore ARMv7 PC. The Odroid-C1 has a Quadcore 1.5 Ghz CPU and a Mali-450 MP2 GPU (Graphics processing unit) and comes with 1 GB of DDR3 SDRAM. The Odroid-C1 comes with 4 USB connectors, an infrared receiver, and features 40 GPIO pins to connect your external electronics.

It has a slot for eMMC flash storage and a microSD card slot. The eMMC flash storage is much faster than the micro SD card, but expect to pay 39$ for 16Gb here.

Take a look at the manufacturer website here.

EDIT: Take a look at the ODROID-C1 Info page on edisondev.