NVidia Jetson: Single-board computer with GPU capabilities

NVidia Jetson: Single-board computer with GPU capabilities

February 21, 2016
Author: Nikolai K.

If you are looking to do more advanced computation with your single-board computer (machine vision, artificial intelligence, etc.) then you might find the majority of current boards lacking.

This is where the NVIDIA Jetson comes in. It comes with a NVIDIA 4-Plus 1 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU and an NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA Cores. The GPU will allow you to do those intense computations, which the bulk of other single-board computers are not capable of. The computer comes with 2GB of RAM, 1 PCIE slot, 1 audio in and 1 audio out connector, and 2 USB slots (1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0). You get 16 GB on-board storage, a full-size SD slot, and a 1 SATA Data port for hard-drive connection to extend and accelerate your storage needs. The board also comes with various GPIO connectors that support i2c, UART, SPI, etc.

All of this computational power does not come cheap at $192 USD, but today's mobile robotic application will surely benefit from the added Umpf that this board delivers. For more information take a look here.