Indiegogo Campaign for Gamebuino

Indiegogo Campaign for Gamebuino

March 15, 2014
Author: Nikolai K.

Gamebuino an Arduino based portable game-console was announced earlier this year. This board allows you to program every aspect of the creditcard-sized gameconsole. The board features an ATMega328, an 84x48 pixel monochrome display, one magnetic speaker, input arrows and A,B,C buttons and an included 240mAh LiPo battery that is said to give it 24 hours of battery life. Gamebuino files can be written and uploaded using the Arduino IDE. Files can be stored form an onboard micro-SD card slot and the Gamebuino can be charged and programmed over a micro-USB cable.

It is expected to cost 35€ (~$50 USD). The Indiegogo campaign for Gamebuino went live on March 12, 2014. See more information at or the Indiegogo Campaign here.