Fing Network Tools

Fing Network Tools

November 5, 2014
Author: Nikolai K.

The other day I stumbled across "Fing - Network Tools" (for Android), which easily shows you all the devices on the network that the phone WiFi is connected to. This simplifies finding the IP of your single-board computers which are not set up with a static IP.

Anyone starting with single-board computers can save a lot of money/hassle in extra purchases, by connecting their Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone Black / Udoo to their network via an Ethernet cable. Remotely controlling the device saves the hassle of connecting keyboard, mouse, computer screen and buying micro HDMI cables, powered hubs, etc.

One of the first problems that you run into on first time start up is that the device is not set up with a static IP, thus forcing you to find the device on your network. Use Fing as an alternative to logging into your router every time you add a device.

Take a look at the Android App store link here. Or for a sample tutorial on how to find the IP addresses of your devices take a look at this tutorial.