The BBC Micro:bit

The BBC Micro:bit

Novemeber 29, 2016
Author: Nikolai K.

In an effort to further computer literacy among a younger generation, the BBC sponsored the development of the BBC micro bit microcontroller, which it handed out to students across Britain earlier this year. This is surprisingly not the first microcontroller that the BBC rolled out. The BBC Microcomputer system was released in 1981 and was also geared towards education. The UK, home to the Raspberry Pi foundation, appears to have a culture of empowering their citizens to become makers.

What makes the system appealing is its Bluetooth connector, 3-axis acclerometer, a 3-axis magnetometer, two user buttons, and a 5x5 LED display. It is geared towards education and the tutorial articles are often geared towards younger makers. The initial free distribution of the BBC Micro:bit to UK students is now finished and it is available for anyone to buy, but I have yet to find a distributor outside of the UK. Ebay has them for as low as ~$30 CAD.

For more information, take a look at the manufacturer's website here.