Getting Started with Energia and MSP430 Launchpad

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The following procedure will show you how to set up your launchpad with Energia and will work for both the MSP-430F5529 and the MSP-430G2.


  1. Download the latest version from here(in my case I used the Windows Binary release).
  2. Extract the .zip file into a working folder.

Driver Update

  1. You might have to update your drivers for your Launchpad board. Go toEnergia driver download page and download the .zip file for your specific board.
  2. Extract the zip file into any folder and run DPinst.exe if you have a 32 bit system and DPinst64.exe if you have a 64-bit system.

Running Energia

  1. Run energia.exe from the Energia folder and you should see the following GUI

    The main window shows you the programming environment.

Uploading the BlinkLED Example

Energia comes with many examples, similar to the Arduino IDE. This example will show you how to blink the red LED on the board and is a common test to check proper board operation.

  1. The first step is to select your board type. Your board type is written on the physical chip on your MSP430 development board:

    To set your board type select Tools->Board->Board Type (In my case Board Type="LaunchPad w/msp430g2553 (16MHz)" as shown in the following image:
  2. The next step is to select an example that you want to upload. Make sure that your board is connected to your computer over the mini-USB cable. Then select File->Examples->Basic->Blink and a new window should open.
  3. The MSP430G2 has a red LED on pin 1.0 (Energia "RED_LED" or pin 2) and a green LED on pin 1.6 (Energia "GREEN_LED" pin 14). The MSP430F5529 has a red LED on pin 1.0 (Energia "RED_LED") and a green LED on pin 4.7 (Energia "GREEN_LED"). The pin assignment can be found here for the MSP430F5529 and here for the MSP430G2
  4. If you are running the board for the first time you may need to update the programmer. To do so, select Tools->Update Programmer. This process will take a few seconds.
  5. To compile the code and check it for errors select Sketch->Verify / Compile. To upload the code select File->Upload. Alternatively you can use the two buttons:

    which are Verify and Upload, respectively.
  6. Once you have successfully uploaded the sketch, the red LED should start blinking on and off. As a test, try modifying the sketch to blink the green LED (change all instances of "RED_LED" to "GREEN_LED").