Pinguino PIC32

PIC 32-Pinguino



General Information

The Pinguino is an industrial-grade Arduino derivative that is based on micro-controllers that use PIC architecture as opposed to AVR for Arduino.

Pinguino comes with an onboard power supply that accepts power in the range from 9-30V, which works well with industrial 24V power supplies. In addition to the 5V USB power, the Pinguino can also be powered by a 3.7V Li-ion battery. An on-board charger circuit will charge the battery when external power is applied and will automatically switch to battery power, when external power is removed. The voltage regulators were designed to consume little power (on the order of a few microamps) to facilitate portable applications.

Hardware Specifications

 Pinguino PIC32
Flash Memory256 KB
Clock Speed80 Mhz
Input Voltage (recommended)5 V (powered by USB)
Input Voltage (limits)9V - 30V DC (external powers supply)
Other Information
Price (approx, USD)~$25 here
Reliable Operating Temperature Range-25 to 85C
USB ConnectionMini-USB

Physical Dimensions

 Pinguino PIC32
Dimensions53.4mm x 68.6mm
(2.10" x 2.70")
Weight (approx.)55g (1.94oz)

GPIO pins

 Pinguino PIC32
Digital I/O Pins14
PWM Capable Pins3(of 14)
Analog Input Pins6


The Pinguino IDE was written in Python as opposed to Java for the Arduino as a programming language. The IDE contains an integrated preprocessor that translates Arduino specific instructions into C, which reduces code length and execution speed.


Sources/External Links

  1. Vendor Information Page
  2. PIC-32 Pinguino User's Manual


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