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General Information

The Gumstix Verdex-Pro, Gumstix Overo, and Gumstix Duo-Vero are a family of single-board computers (previously called computer-on-module) that predate the Raspberry Pi. It was mainly used for commercial and academic applications for the development of new products.

The Raspberry Pi became widely successful due to it low $35 price tag, but the hardware of the Raspberry Pi is closed off. The advantage of the Gumstix is its small size (about a stick of gum) and that it features fully open architecture, which gives you access to all of its hardware schematics and software source code. The boards feature a wide selection of expansion board and computer-on-module boards.

The computer-on-module ranges in cost between $100 and $200 and you pretty much will have to purchase an expansion board for ethernet, monitor, GPIO, and USB peripheral connectors, which will set you back another $49 for the summit (no ethernet) or $69 for the Tobi (with Ethernet).

Hardware Specifications

The Gumstix feature a wide range of computer-on-modules, but only one of the mid-range board will be mentioned here to give you an idea of their capabilities and how they compare to other boards mentioned on this site. For more information on all products, take a look here: Gumstix Verdex-Pro, Gumstix Overo, and Gumstix Duo-Vero

 Gumstix Overo AirSTORM COM
ProcessorTexas Instruments OMAP3703 ARM Cortex-A8
Flash Memory512 MB, + microSD slot
Clock Speed1 Ghz (800 Mhz recommended)
Input Voltage (recommended) 
Input Voltage (limits) 
Other Information
Price (approx, USD)$159.00 here
Reliable Operating Temperature Range0C<T<85C
Additional Features
2 u.fl. antennas for Bluetooth and 802.11g
microSD card slot


 Gumstix Overo AirSTORM COM
Dimensions58mm x 17mm x 4.2 mm
(2.28" x 0.67" x 0.17")
Weight (approx.)5.6g (0.20 oz) [1]
  1. Note: weight does not include expansion board weight, miroSD card weight

GPIO pins





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Sources/External Links

  1. Official Gumstix Homepage


  1. Gumstix Store

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