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General Information

Arduino is a family of boards that has been very popular with hobbyists and engineers. First introduced in 2004, as the Arduino UNO, it has undergone many iterations and variations, such as the

  • Arduino MEGA, which features a large number of additional GPIO pin and a faster processor
  • Arduino Nano, which comes with a smaller form factor,
  • And numerous iterations of Arduino architectures

Hardware Specifications

 Arduino UnoArduino Mega2560Arduino Nano (ATmega328)
Flash Memory32KB256KB32KB
Clock Speed16MHz16MHz16 MHz
Input Voltage (recommended)7-12V7-12V7-12V
Input Voltage (limits)6-20V6-20V6-20V
Other Information
Price (approx, USD)$24.95 here$45.95 here$34.99 here

Note on pricing: You can find a lot cheaper Arduino compatible boards, which are essentially knock-offs that function similar to the real product. Be cautious and read the reviews if you buy something cheaper.


 Arduino UnoArduino Mega2560Arduino Nano (ATmega328)
Dimensions75.0mm x 53.3mm x 16 mm
(2.95" x 2.1" x 0.63")
108mm x 53.3mm
(4.25" x 2.1")
18.5mm x 43.2 mm
(0.73" x 1.70")
Weight (approx.)30g (1.06oz)36g (1.27oz)6g (0.21 oz)

GPIO pins

 Arduino UnoArduino Mega2560Arduino Nano (ATmega328)
Digital I/O Pins145414
PWM Capable Pins6(of 14)15(of 54)6(of 14)
Analog Input Pins6168


All Arduino boards use the same Arduino integrated development environment (IDE), which allows you to write code and easily upload it to your board via a USB cable.



Internal Pullup Resistors on the Arduino for Digital and Analog Pins
Digital and analog pin internal pull-up resistors on the Arduino


MMA8451 Accelerometer on the Arduino UNO
Setup the MMA8451 Accelerometer with the MSP430 Launchpad and Energia.

  1. Beginners and Pros should read "10 Ways to Destroy An Arduino"

Sources/External Links

  1. Arduino Homepage
  2. Arduino Nano Page
  3. Arduino Uno , Arduino Mega Dimensions


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